Planning for the New Year – 2018

2018 Free Printable Calendars for personal planning from

My 2018 Print Out Calendars

You guys! First off, happy new year!

Second off, I’m obsessed with planning. I have been for a good 5 years now! Seriously I keep like 2 planners, 1 bullet journal, 2 monthly calendars at home and 1 at work, and a plethora of printed out calendars to track all sorts of things in my life!

I love planning all year long, but there’s something magical about the start of the new year that makes you feel productive AF! Am I right?!

Managing It All

Planning was a hugeee part of my success in juggling sports, classes, homework, being a club president, and a part-time job in college! I had to squish it all into the same 24 hours a day that everyone else has, too!

For over 3 years, I kept an intensely organized Lilly Pulitzer 18 Month Large Planner and I loved every minute of it. Those planners were my saving grace, and I would’ve been such a hot mess without them.

Since I’m not in college anymore my daily planning isn’t as intense, seeing that I don’t have to run to 2-3 classes, go to practice, go to work, do homework, and run a club each day! But I still love planning and keeping track of everything going on in my life. It’s the best way I can keep myself from get overwhelmed or forgetting about something, like an appointment or a birthday!

2018 Basic AF Printable Calendars

Print Out Calendars

I created these print out calendars for myself and I thought I’d share them with you all, too! These calendars are so great. They’re simple and clean, and they make planning easy!

I use multiples of these calendars to keep track of when my bills come out, when I want to go to the gym, my content schedules, literally everything!

While I love agenda books, I find that sometimes I don’t need all that space. I just want to have a monthly glance at the month hanging on the wall to keep me motivated!

So that’s why I’ve switched to using monthly print outs! While I do keep a planner I use it more for keeping track of events in my life, like birthdays and special occasions. And I use the print outs to keep track of more detailed things, like how I’m going to achieve my health and fitness goals, financial goals, and my bills! I carry my print outs in my agenda book so I always have everything all together!

I hope you guys find these helpful, too!

My Favorite Planning Accessories

And just a last tid-bit of advice! I love color coordination I find it so helpful! For a long time, I used colored pens to coordinate with my classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities at school! My all time favorite pens come in this multi-color pack from Pentel!

While I still use and love my colored pens, I’ve switched over to highlighting events in colors! So I use my black sharpie pen and then go over it with my Crayola Super Tips! I loveee the way this looks! Plus, it makes the events pop off the page instead of getting lost in a jumble of writing!

I really hope that you babes enjoy these calendars and have a fun time planning out your year for 2018!

xx Grace


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